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About us

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In 2015, a bunch of artists with a passion for limited edition t-shirts started selling designs on Facebook fanpages. In the end of 2018, CubicTee brand was officially launched . At CubicTee you will find your favorite pop culture tees, mugs, posters...

Our artists and loyal followers are the creative blood in our cottony veins. We thrive on their ingenuity and forum activity, bringing only the best designs to life.

To find out more about CubicTee and to read some Frequently Asked Questions, please go to our service section, or you can always contact us using our contact page. (give us a little time to get back to you; be nice – nice people always get answered first).

CubicTee Artists

CubicTee pays its artists $1 for every shirt sold. With a commission based system that rewards savvy self promotion while allowing artists to retain full rights to their work, CubicTee is a foundation on which artists can build their fan base and for pop culture fans to collect their favorite designs. Artists have earned anywhere from $500 to over $9,000 in a single day for one shirt. All artist payments are sent via Paypal in USD.

There are two ways to become a CubicTee artist:

1. We will find you on the Internets and invite you to participate in the CUBIC or

2. Click For Artists link at the footer of our website and find out the necessary information.

So now what? Well, you can go check out our latest designs and enjoy the pop culture!